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Which are the popular www vadamalli com serials malayalam


www vadamalli com serials malayalam is a popular website for Malayalam serials. There are many different types of serials available on this website, each with its own unique plot and characters. Here’s our list of some of the most popular stories which you can watch online:

Ente manassu

Ente Manassu is a malayalam television serial which is aired on Mazhavil Manorama. The show started airing on Mazhavil Manorama from 13 September 2016. The show is produced by Media One Global Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., who also produces other shows such as Kavyanjali and www vadamalli com serials malayalam.

Vellanakalude Naadu

Vellanakalude Naadu is a serial which was aired in Malayalam TV channels. The director of this serial is Sharath, and the writer is Sameer Thampi. The production company is Rajkamal Films Pvt Ltd, which was founded by Sharath Kumar, who also produces this film. This show started airing from 20th January 2016 and it ended on August 29th 2017 with total of 650 episodes being aired on five different channels including Surya TV and Asianet NEWS (Discovery Channel).

The plot revolves around the story of Mridula (Sai Pallavi) who falls in love with Mohanlal’s character named Mohanlal aka Krishnaveni after seeing him in movies over a period of time


Sthreedhanam is a Malayalam serial that was telecasted on Amrita TV. The show has been directed by Shaji Kailas and written by V.V. Chandran. It stars Jagadish, Dileep, Manikuttan and Saida Rasheed in lead roles[3]. It tells the story of how three friends face their fears after one of them attempts suicide because he failed to score high marks in his exams[4][5].

The story revolves around Anand (played by Jagadish), who has been accepted into IIT Madras but fails during his first year examinations due to an unfortunate incident with his friend who had borrowed money from him and then couldn’t pay back resulting in him losing all chances at getting into IIM Calcutta or any other institution because he didn’t have enough money left after paying off debts incurred during college days so as not be left with nothing upon graduation; thus making it impossible for him get anything better than what’s available now – which isn’t exactly much either!


Akashadoothu is a Malayalam television serial which is aired on Mazhavil Manorama. The serial is directed by M. A. Nishad, who also directed the serial Akashadoothu.

The story revolves around two families that are related to each other and how they live with each other in their respective houses and how they face problems related to love, friendship etc.,

These are the popular serials in vadamalli com.

These are the popular serials in vadamalli com. You can watch the serials on this website www vadamalli com serials malayalam. These serials have a huge fan following and they are very famous among the youth of Kerala. These serials have a good storyline, which is based on real life incidents. These serials are aired on prime time so that everyone can watch it easily.


These are the most popular serials in vadamalli com. You can watch them online or download them on your mobile for offline viewing.

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